Guide To The Most Extraordinary Game Play Of Jungle Jim

Guide To The Most Extraordinary Game Play Of Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim is a state-of-the art adventure slot that is available in many of Microgaming’s online casinos. The game has a basic environment of 5 reels and 3 sides, and can be played on desktop/mobile computers. slot game singapore It offers pay-outs on 25 set pay-lines and must not be confused for the previous release of Microgaming which has more than 15 distinct winning lines.victory996 singapore

The latest version of Jungle Jim, released in the summer of 2016, is far from the original variation, particularly in design. The slot has excellent graphics, simple images, beautiful sound effects and a fun-free atmosphere.

Innovative design 

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With Jungle Jim, reel spinners pursue an exciting yet dangerous experience deep within the dense jungle in which El Dorado, the iconic gold town, is the main character. The slot is creative in concept and looks like an anime film. The carriages are translucent and rotate over a thematic landscape that represents South America’s impenetrable jungle. The background is animated and even drops of rain from the clouds can be seen.

Adventurer Jim, who is the main character, sits to the left, shaking his head once and for all, catching an unpleasant fly or resting his forearm in the palm of his shovel. All the top icons in the game are related to his theme in treasure-hunting, so you can mix the five translucent rolls with matched gold chests, idols, flutes and sceptres. The icons of low value include gemstones of varying colours.

Best thematic view 

Microgaming engineers have done little to make a visually enjoyable slot feasible. Any time they engage in winning variations, both symbols are wonderfully made and vibrant. The highest payers in the game include a treasure box, an indigenous statue, a sceptres and a flute. The treasure chest is one of the most profitable since it offers 3 000 coins for each coin staked, meaning you can earn up to 30 000 coins if you play at the most.

Return pay-out

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In terms of nature, the low-value symbols often include precious stones in various colours: blue, green, red and orange. You will make the bet between 3 and 100 times, but the exact sum depends on the number and designation of the coins you bet on each side.

The first is the Jungle Jim emblem, which only removes other symbols so you make more winning combos. The second sign is the wild one. The desert offers no money back. The second sign of the specific interest is the dispersion which is identical to an old artifact which triggers the round of free spins.

Winning combinations 

The creators of Microgaming apps have two distinctive features built into Jungle Jim. If you press the spin-button, you will find that the bobbles do not move as other slots normally do. The symbols instead fell to the bobbins from above, known as the “rolling bobbins.”

Some might argue that the disparity here is solely stylistic. As more symbols line up on a payline, they dissolve into thin air to make way for more icons. The new symbols will be built from above and theoretically generate further paid variations, which would also result in multiple consecutive wins.