How much does it cost to go to St. Petersburg

How much does it cost to go to St. Petersburg


I have lived in St. Petersburg for two pleasant nostalgic years. I love the city and know it quite well. In this article jdlclub I will tell you how to plan a trip to St. Petersburg, and at the end I will calculate the cost of a vacation for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days for two,


By plane. The flight from Moscow is very cheap – air tickets in both directions cost only 2,000 rubles. To fly to St. Petersburg from Krasnodar or Yekaterinburg costs from 5000 rubles, from Novosibirsk – from 7000 rubles. Search for tickets on Skyscanner – it compares prices of all airlines.


By train. A ticket to a reserved seat from Moscow costs from 1800 rubles one way. More expensive than a flight! On the other hand, the train is sometimes more convenient than the plane: there are not always cheap air tickets for the required dates, and even arriving directly to the center, which is convenient.


Tour prices


Tours sell out quickly – buy a few months before your trip. Prices for tours to St. Petersburg with a flight from Moscow in the summer of 2020 cost from 40,000 rubles for two (3 * hotel, 7 nights). From Yekaterinburg – from 50,000 rubles. 


During a trip to St. Petersburg, you can eat on a budget. The main allies of the hungry traveler are inexpensive canteens (for example, Canteen # 1) and chain establishments like “Teaspoon”. We often ate there, because it is simply not cheaper to find – the bill is within 150-300 rubles per person. The choice of dishes is large, everything is quite tasty. There are profitable business lunches.


How much are the hotels


To save money on your trip to St. Petersburg, look for budget hotels. Prices in the summer of 2020 for a standard double room in a budget hotel start from 1300 rubles per day. Double rooms in hostels cost about the same, and a bed costs from 500 rubles. 3 * hotels are already in the range of 2000-4000 rubles. We recommend looking for hotels and hostels on Rumguru – the service finds the best price among different booking systems. 


Apartments for rent


When you live in an apartment in another city, you feel at home. We are looking for cozy accommodation on Airbnb – there are many beautiful and inexpensive options in the center or close to it. Former rooms in communal apartments are inexpensive in the center – thanks to high ceilings, they turn into two-story studios. We just shot one in the Technological Institute area.


Just read the reviews carefully before booking – it may turn out that there is no sound insulation or heating, and the apartment smells like sewage. Keep in mind that the hosts are ordinary people, not trained hotel personnel, so they can behave unpredictably.